Within Protestantism their are two main schools of soteriological thought. These are the Calvinist and Arminians. Discipleship Call Ministries holds to the Arminian school. Both Calvinism and Arminianism can be summed up into five theological points. The five points of Calvinism have been explored in a previous article. Here we will outline the five points of Arminianism.




Five Points of Arminiamism


1. Total Depravity with Free Will -


We agree that humanity has inherited original sin making it totally depraved. However God graciously enables us, through our free will to make a decision to repent and believe, after which the Holy Spirit will sanctify us in the sight of God.



2. Conditional Election -


Gods election of some individuals to salvation is based on His ability to foresee their response to His call. Likewise, some were elected to damnation because God foresaw their rejection of His call.



3. Unlimited Atonement -


Christ’ death on the cross paid the price for the sins of the world. He did not died solely for the “elect,” but for all humanity if they will only come unto Him. Through His death on the cross and resurrection we are all able to be saved through faith in Jesus.



4. Resistible Grace -


The Holy Spirit will inwardly call all who are outwardly called by the gospel invitation. However the Holy Spirit will not overcome our free will and though he calls we may resist that call if we so choose. As sinners we must respond to the Holy Spirits call if we are to receive Gods grace.



5. Conditional Security -


We can be confident that nothing outside of us can take our salvation. So long as we remain faithful, we remain secure. However, our salvation is predicated on our belief. If we fall into apostasy, we willing give up our salvation and head down a path to eternal hell.



Its important to note that even the closet families may have disagreements. Such is the case in the Calvinism vs. Arminianism debate. This is a debate among fellow Christians and should not be a barrier between interdenominational cooperation and dialogue. As Arminians and Calvinist we each agree on the essential doctrines of the Christian faith and, in truth neither school adequately explains salvation. Ultimately, it is not whether we were chosen for salvation from the beginning of time or have the free will to choose that matters. What is most important is that we are saved by the grace of God.




Some of our favorite Pastors are in fact Calvinist (Mark Driscoll for example).