False Doctrines, False Religions and Cults, Part 5


Islam: Muhammad’s Master Deception






Thus far we have mainly focused on pseudo-Christian cults. However, with rising coverage of Islam and its ability to gain converts among prisoners and young adults it is vitally important that we understand how it compares with our Christian faith.




The sad fact is that writing about Islam is very different than writing about the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons or Oneness Pentecostal. While they all share in the fact that they cling to false doctrine, no faith clings to violence like Islam. It is not at all unusual for those who criticize Islam to be verbally or physically attacked. However we can never be afraid to speak the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in season and out of season.






Unlike Christianity, which has it origins in Judaism, as the fulfillment of the Jewish prophecies and whose holy book was composed by around forty different authors (and yet are in total agreement with one another). Islam traces its roots to pagan Arabia and one “prophet,” Muhammad. While the sad fact is that both faiths had a rather violent past, there are striking differences.




Among those differences is that while Muhammad was involved in said violence, Jesus never was. Also, where the writings of the Quran endorse that violence and even advocate the use of force to spread the faith, the Bible teaches us to love our neighbors and spread the faith by the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.




Comparison of Muhammad and Jesus


The differences between the founder of the Christian faith and Muslim faith couldn’t be more stark. While both were religious leaders, Muhammad was also a military leader. Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek and love our neighbors and yet Muhammad was a known killer. Muhammad killed an estimated 3000 people, this includes about 700 Jews in Medina.




Jesus never owned a slave but Muhammad owned many. Muhammad ordered that he was to receive a fifth of all prisoners taken in battle, including the women. Likewise, Jesus never married but Muhammad had eleven wives. Included in this list of wives is a young girl named Aisha. Aisha was six years old when she was betrothed to Muhammad and about nine or ten when the marriage was consummated.




Other notable differences are:




Jesus never forced those that followed him to continue believing. They were free to leave at any time.


Muhammad forced his followers to continue believing, under threat of death.




Jesus taught that God was our Father.


Muhammad taught his followers that it was blasphemy to call God father.




Jesus taught his followers to forgive those that trespass against them.


Muhammad taught his followers to avenge against those who wronged them.




When Jesus was violently attacked He responded with forgiveness.


When Muhammad was attacked he ordered the death of his enemies.




Not a single Apostle of Jesus led armies.


All of Muhammad’s caliphs led armies.




These are merely a few of the drastic differences in the personality and character of Jesus and Mohammad. One was so peaceful and pure that He died for His enemies. The other was so depraved that he murdered his enemies and molested a nine (or ten) year old girl. A reasonable person must ask themselves, who is more deserving of our trust, respect and worship.






Like most false religions and cults, Islam reject grace in favor of a salvation of works. Muslim’s must strictly follow the laws and precepts of Islam if they wish to be saved from hell. Among these laws are the Five Pillars of Islam:




1. Shahada - The Shahada is the Islamic proclamation that, “There is no God expect Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” It is through publicly confessing this proclamation that a person is said to be a convert to Islam. Confession of this creed is to say that the Christian concept of the trinity is false and that Allah laws must be obeyed. Furthermore, it requires that one see Muhammad as the greatest prophet of God (Allah).




2. Salat - This is prayer. This differs greatly from the Christian concept of prayer as times and circumstances are strictly dictated.




Among the stipulations on prayer are:


A. Prayer must be done five times a day.


B. Prayers in the presence of women, monkeys or black dogs are annulled.


C. One must be properly dressed for prayer.


D. One must prayer facing Mecca.


E. One is forbidden to place their hands on their hips during prayer.


F. The length of the prayers are dictated.


G. Prayers are not accepted if you “pass gas” during the prayer.


H. Your reward for prayer varies based on the position in which you prayed.




All of this is directly contrary to the very nature of Christian prayer, which is simply communication with our Heavenly Father. Through the example of prayer we can see the drastic differences in perspective. While the Muslims prays to a god who is a taskmaster, the Christian prays to a God who loves us and calls us His children.




3. Saum - Fasting.


This is the practice of fasting during the Muslim religious month of Ramadan. During Ramadan the faithful fast from sunrise to sunset. This is generally a total fast, no food and no drink as well as abstaining for sexual intercourse during the daylight hours.




4. Zakat - Charity.


Giving to the poor. It is seen as helping both the receiver and the giver. The receiver benefits by acquiring something they need and the giver benefits by gaining holiness. The giving is not selfless, as it as seen as a step towards “salvation”




5. Hajj - Pilgrimage


This is the pilgrimage to Mecca. All Muslims who are able are required to go at least once if they are able. The city of Mecca forbids non-Muslims for even entering the city.




Their five-step plan of works based salvation differs greatly from the Biblical plan of salvation which is to simple believe on Jesus. In the scriptures we are told that we are saved by grace through faith and not of our own works. A person hoping to gain salvation through their works will always fall short.




Even Muslims recognize that they cannot know where they will spend eternity. At the judgment, according to Muslims, all their good deeds will be placed on one side of a scale while the bad deeds are placed on the other side. If the good outweigh the bad they will be granted entry into paradise. If it is reversed they will spend eternity in hell. The only guarantee of salvation is if one dies as a martyr. It’s easy to see why young, gullible youth are easily enticed into jihad. They could choose to risk hell or die now and have a guarantee of paradise.




Romans 10:33 offers us assurance of salvation without having to blow-up ourselves or anyone else. “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”






The Muslim holy book is know as the Quran. While Muslims claim that the Injil (the Gospels) are the Word of God, they also claim that the version we have has been corrupted. Allow me to post my response to one Muslim who claimed the Bible had been changed/corrupted before we move on to the Quran:




-Original Response-


There are many kinds of bibles , which one is the correct one?
There are not many kinds of Bibles. There is one Bible, we simply have different translations. The translations have no bearing on the meaning of the scriptures and only update and/or simplify the language style.

There is one notable exception, being the New World Translation. The NWT has never been accepted by the Christian community and fails when compared to any of the manuscripts. The NWT is the “Bible” of the false-Christian cult, Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The different translations are all based on the ancient manuscripts. We have about 5,700 early manuscripts of the New Testament in Greek. With the Coptic, Latin, Syriac and manuscripts in other languages we have about 25,000 New Testament manuscripts. These copies are in agreement in all areas of Christian doctrine.

Even if we lost every New Testament manuscript we could still reconstruct all but 11 verses of the New Testament just from the writings and quotes of the early church fathers. Through the books and letters written by these early church fathers we have over 36,000 quotes from the New Testament. Due to these 25,000 manuscripts and over 36,000 quotes of the church fathers, claiming that the New Testament has been corrupted is ridiculous at best.


-End Quote-


To the Muslim, the Quran is Gods final and most perfect revelation. It is said to be the exact words of God. However, many contradictions can be found.




We find one glaring contradiction when we ask what mankind was created from. The Bible gives us a simple answer and never strays from what is found in Genesis, the dust of the earth. How does the Quran measure up.




What was mankind created from?


1. A clot of congealed blood. 96:2


2. Clay or mud. 15:26


3. A drop of sperm. 16:4


4. Dust. 3:59


5. Nothing. 19:67 & 52:35




The Muslim will try to argue that this does not contradict because man was created from all of these. However, this argument fails when we look to the word “nothing.” According to the Webster’s dictionary, nothing means the “the absence of all magnitude or quantity: also: Zero.” Nothing means the absence of anything. If God created man out of nothing it would be impossible for him to also create him our of dust, clay, sperm or anything else for that matter as nothing is an exclusive term.




Another interested contradiction is found in the story of the Pharaoh. In 10:90-92 we are told that God choose to save Pharaoh from the waters as a sign to others. However, 17:102-103 says that Pharaoh was drowned him and all that were with him. Reading the text it is obvious that the writer is making the point that Pharaoh was killed in the Red Sea. One would think that if this were Gods word, He would know whether He saved or allowed Pharaoh to die.




One historical problems lies in the creation of the Golden Calf, as told by the Quran. According to Surah 20:90-100, a Samaritan helped build the calf and it mooed when it came out of the fire. The problem is that Samaritans would not exist for another 1000 years.




My personal favorite is Surah 19:28 and 3:33-36, which teaches that Mary (the Mother of Jesus) was the daughter of Imran and Amram and sister to Moses and Aaron. Considering the fact that there is nearly 1400 years between the death of Moses and the birth of Jesus, that creates a serious problem.




We also find many other strange or interesting quotes from the Quran, such as:




1. The sun sets in a pool of murky water, 18:86


2. A person should not enter a house through the back door, 2:189


3. Yawning is from Satan, 54:509


4. It is acceptable to beat women, 4:34


5. Virgins await Muslim men in paradise for their sexual gratification, 55:56




When compared to the Bible, the Quran fails miserably. Most importantly is the differences between Surat Al-Jinn 72:3 of the Quran and John 3:16 of the Bible.




Surat Al-Jinn 72:3


“And that exalted is the nobleness of our Lord; He has not taken a wife or a son.




John 3:16


“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son..”




Is the Allah of Islam the same as the God of Christianity


The simple but not politically correct answer is a simple, resounding no. The God of Christians has a Son and His name is Jesus. Allah has no son. The God of Christianity sent his Son, Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. In Islam Jesus did not die on the cross and could not have forgiven sins. The God of Christianity says to turn the other cheek and to love your enemies. Allah says to smite your enemies. The God of Christianity gave us grace. Allah simply gave laws.




The God of Christianity offers assurance of salvation. Allah gets to decided all based on His own whim. The God of Christianity demonstrates His nature as a trinity of persons. Allah, however says that the trinity is false. The God of Christianity describes a heaven of pure worship of Him. Allah describes a paradise filled with lustful, sensual pleasure such as sex with virgins.




Of course Muslims will say that Allah is the same God as the Father but under comparison we find that the two have very little in common. With Allah’s fixation on killing, taking spoils of war, killing the infidels, and sexual gratification he has much more in common with Satan than he does with the our God.






The Christian view of Jesus is very clear. He is the Son of God, second person of the Godhead, the sacrifice for our sins and the only way to the Father. He is our only salvation. Muslims offer a much different Jesus; a Jesus of their own making.




The most frequent comment I have received from Muslims is that they too believe in Jesus. However, the problem lies in who they claim Jesus to be. In Islam, Jesus was a great prophet and second only to Muhammad. He is not divine in any way and is not the Son of God. The Muslim’s Jesus did not die on the cross. In fact, it was Judas who died in his place. The Muslim’s Jesus did not appear to Paul and Paul is a false teacher/apostle. Even more striking is the Muslim assertion that Jesus was a faithful Muslim.




The Muslim call Jesus a prophet and liar in one breath.






Islam is the worlds second largest religion and the sad fact is that they do not have salvation. Throughout the world, millions of Muslims are on a path that will lead them straight to eternal hell. We, as Christians must not rejoice in that fact. It is not Gods will than any, including Muslims should perish but that all should come to everlasting life through Christ Jesus.




If we are to know a tree by the fruit it bears, Islam bears a violently bitter fruit. Christians (as well as peoples of other faiths) and women are persecuted and murdered at the hand of Muslim religious leaders daily. While Islam calls itself a religion of peace, we quickly find that the Islamic version of peace for non-believers is “rest in peace.” I recently shared these stories some of my Sunday school students. Please pray for the safety of Christians in these Islamic nations and for the salvation of the Muslim people.




Place: Iran


Date: September 28, 2010


Story: Nine Christians are arrested because they accessed evangelistic ministries and Christian programs on satellite television.




Place: Iran


Date: October 15, 2010


Story: Pastor Youcef Nardarkhani is sentenced to death because he opposed a law that required his son to study the Quran and denied that Muhammad was a prophet.




Place: Pakistan


Date: November 7, 2010


Story: Asia Bibi is sentenced to death on charges of blasphemy. When fellow co-workers failed to get her to renounce her faith in Jesus they insulted her and claimed that she blasphemed Muhammad. After Asia’s lawyer promised to appeal the case, a local Mullah (Muslim religious leader) promises a $6,000 reward to anyone who kills Asia.