Aaron Kinder Evangelistic Ministries strongly affirms the sacred nature of marriage. As a sacred, life-long union it should never be entered into lightly. The marriage bond, as designed by God, is between one man and one woman. Aaron Kinder Evangelistic Ministries stands firm on the Biblical definition of marriage and therefore will neither conform to the world’s evolving standards of marriage nor be in communion with any ministry that endorses a view contrary to God’s intended design.










AKEM affirms that God’s intention for marriage is that of a lifelong union. However, in a fallen world divorce is simply a reality of life. Remarriage after a divorce would be considered adultery except under the following circumstances:




The previous marriage dissolved due to abuse, be that spousal or child abuse, physical or mental.




The divorce took place prior to the salvation of the individuals.




The divorce took place due to adultery committed by either or both partners.




In any case, counseling is encouraged prior to divorce. In such cases where the above circumstances have been met, if reconciliation is not possible, the ministry deems the innocent party as legally and morally free of their marital obligations upon obtaining a legal divorce. Likewise, persons who have previously obtained a divorced, due to one of the above circumstances, will not be deemed unfit for ministry.










AKEM affirms that human sexuality was designed by God for the bond of marriage. Therefore any sexual encounters outside of the biblical marriage union is sinful. Such practices would include; fornication, incest, homosexuality and lesbianism. Furthermore, AKEM will not remain in communion with any denomination, pastor or ministry that in any way supports, encourages or “sanctifies” any of the aforementioned sexual sins.




It is our greatest desire that individuals involved in such sexual sins come to repentance and salvation found through Jesus Christ.