The Master's Masterpiece: A Message to Non-Christians




While there is little doubt that I am often direct and even brutal in my honesty, please do not misunderstand my intentions. You see, I believe that some things in life are worth fighting for. Some things have such immense value that they are worth being ridiculed, called a bigot or hatemonger, and ostracized by our politically correct culture. One of those things is my faith in Jesus. The other is you. As much as I would like to be loved and respected by each of you, I can not and will not do so at the cost of your soul.




All around us a spiritual battle is being fought. All around us the Kingdom of God battles the Kingdom of Satan, like nations warring over a great treasure. You are that treasure. As Christians, we must make a decision to either be popular or to put on our armor and join the fight. I choose to join the fight. Every other creature on the face of the planet was a totally original design of God. You, however were a little different. While God pulled the giraffe and hippopotamus out of His imagination, He created you in His image. You are a self-portrait of the Master Painter, a masterpiece worth being preserved, not thrown into fire.




However, as happens with great works of art our beauty became obscured by the dirt and grime of sin. Gods great work of art was defaced by Satan and sins graffiti. The art of humanity became so repulsive in its dirt and grime that we were no longer fit to be displayed in that gallery known as heaven. We were fit only to be thrown away; burnt. However, the Master Painter had other plans. He sent Jesus, that great art restorer, to take away all the dirt and graffiti and restore His masterpiece to its former glory. The Restorer, however cannot clean that which He doesn’t have and the vandal doesn’t want to give them up. As Christians, God’s restored self-portrait, it is our job to go into battle with the vandal and bring each portrait to Jesus.




That is how I choose to see each of you. That is why I am willing to fight this spiritual battle. I too was once dirty and obscured by Satan’s graffiti. It was nearly impossible to see any resemblance between myself and our creator. However, Jesus restored me so that I would be fit to be placed in Gods gallery. Perhaps you have allowed the dirt of sin to build up. Layers of lies, theft, idolatry, false religion, sexual immorality, pride, envy and deceit may have built up. You may not even be able to see how God can see the beauty, how He can even recognize His creation through all that mess. However, that Master Painter can see through it all. He see’s that beauty that lies beneath.




It doesn’t matter what you may have done, your sin isn’t so great that Jesus can’t clean it away. “Though our sins are red as scarlet” He can “wash them white as snow.” We have to recognize that we are dirty and only Jesus can make us clean. We have to make a choice to accept Him as our savior, repent of our sins - our dirt and grime. When we do that we can be restored to our rightful place as God’s masterpiece. If you haven’t done that already, I pray that you will and please know that you can always contact me if you need someone to pray with you. God loves you so much that He spared nothing, not even His own Son, to save you.