I spoke with this new Mormon about a year and a half ago. Today, he is more entrenched in this deceptive cult than even. I can honestly tell you that no conversation has even broken my heart like this one did. This, friends is why we must contend for the faith. These cults totally deceive these people and only the power of God can pull them out. We must spread the Gospel! These people deserve to know the truth! The deserve to know the true Jesus that can save them. I can’t even begin to describe who greatly this affected me.


samileul: hello

arikinder: Hi

arikinder: How are you this fine day

samileul: good

samileul: and u

arikinder: great to hear

arikinder: wonderful

arikinder: Its been a very long time since we last spoke. I am guessing that you don’t remember me.

samileul: exactly

samileul: you r right

arikinder: I was the Christian who spoke with you. You said you were a Mormon

samileul: yes i am

arikinder: I warned you about the Mormon church but I am guessing you didn’t take my advice.

samileul: in stead of advice i must know about Gods word that is life

arikinder: You certainly must but you wont find the truth in the Mormon Church.

arikinder: The beliefs of the Mormon church are not Christian.

arikinder: That’s why I spoke with you.

samileul: what wrongs do u get from that church

arikinder: They are contrary to Gods Word.

arikinder: Gods Word, the Bible, says not to add or take from it but the Mormons added their own book

samileul: can u tell me which words does contradict

arikinder: Mormonism says that the Book of Mormon is more correct than the Bible. (History of the Church, vol. 4, p. 461)

arikinder: It says that God used to be a man on another planet. (Mormon Doctrine, p. 321; Joseph Smith, Times and Seasons, vol. 5, p. 613-614; Orson Pratt, Journal of Discourses, vol. 2, p. 345; Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, vol. 7, p. 333)

arikinder: The Mormon church even says that there are many gods. (Mormon Doctrine, p. 163)

samileul: no they didn’t say no more gods

arikinder: Sam, that quote was from a Mormon church document.

arikinder: It says in the book, "Mormon Doctrine" authorized by the church that there are many gods.

samileul: because most people blames such words but first know them then u can tell

arikinder: I do know them. I am telling you right now

arikinder: The Mormon church also teaches that their is a mother goddess who is married to the Father.

arikinder: Sam, these are the teachings of your church.

arikinder: There is a mother god (Articles of Faith, by James Talmage, p. 443).

arikinder: These are works authorized by the Church.

arikinder: You will not find any of these beliefs in the Bible.

arikinder: Mormonism teaches a salvation of works but the Bible says that we are saved by grace through faith and not of our own works.

samileul: faith leads u to do good

arikinder: Sam, but it doesn’t save you.

samileul: if u rnot doing good u have no faith

arikinder: Your works can never save you.

arikinder: Sam, have you not listened to the beliefs of your church. How can you call these beliefs Christian?

samileul: really they r Christians and doing good i believe on that that

samileul: read john 15

arikinder: You believe in a mother goddess?

arikinder: Sam I have read John

arikinder: I have read the Bible man times over and you will never find Mormon doctrine in it.

arikinder: Sam, do you believe in a mother goddess?

samileul: it is not contradict it confirm that

arikinder: It does not. You have been deceived

arikinder: Sam, do you believe in a mother goddess?

samileul: sorry shall we chat next time even tomorrow

arikinder: I’m sorry but I wont be available

arikinder: Sam, do you believe in a mother goddess?

samileul: when shall u be online

arikinder: I'm not sure

arikinder: Sam, do you believe in a mother goddess?

samileul: ok leave messages ok

arikinder: Sam, do you believe in a mother goddess?

samileul: the mother Jesus Christ is saint mary

arikinder: But you Mormon church teaches that God the Father has a wife in heaven with Him.

samileul: the heavenly father is the father of Jesus Christ

arikinder: The church teaches that God has a wife in heaven.

arikinder: A goddess a wife...

arikinder: It teaches that God the Father was once a man on another planet.

samileul: do u know father son and holly ghost are three separate but they r same in purpose ok

arikinder: Sam, you are buying into the propaganda.

arikinder: The Mormon church teaches that God the Father was once on another planet. He even had a God to worship but He became a god and got His own planet.

arikinder: These aren’t Christian beliefs

arikinder: These aren’t Biblical beliefs.

arikinder: The church teaches There are many gods (Mormon Doctrine, p. 163).

samileul: read first don’t judge this is not your work that is Gods work ok

arikinder: I have read. That’s why I am telling you.

arikinder: I am telling you the beliefs of your church

samileul: do u read on bible don’t judge

arikinder: Actually it doesn’t say that. Your are misquoting.

arikinder: It never says that we cannot judge false doctrine

samileul: only the heavenly father knows about ur heart and ur thinking

arikinder: It doesn’t matter about you heart. The Bible says that the heart is deceitful.

arikinder: If you believe what is wrong, you will be condemned

samileul: sorry brother we shall chat next time one brother is on line

arikinder: If its another Mormon, he is not your brother.

arikinder: He is helping to deceive you.

arikinder: You need to read your Bible.

samileul: faith is not from talking that is from heart

arikinder: You need to run from this false cult.

arikinder: Faith is only as good as what you put that faith in.

arikinder: You have put faith into something that is false. Therefore your faith is useless. It is in vain.

arikinder: Sam, how can you not see that these beliefs are not Biblical.

arikinder: Have you been this deceived?

arikinder: Friend check out this article

samileul: no i am not i am reading bible and i believe the book of Mormon and i believe it is the true church ok i passed through

arikinder: http://www.dcall.org/messages/fdpt2.html

samileul: so bye ok he is on line

arikinder: It is not. Where in the Bible does it say that God used to be a man on another planet?

arikinder: Where in the bible does it say that God has a Goddess Wife?

arikinder: Where in the bible does it say that you can become a god?

arikinder: Where in the Bible does it say that there are many gods?

arikinder: The answer is, nowhere.

arikinder: It doesn’t say any of those things but you Church does.

arikinder: Friend, this is a fight for your spiritual life.

arikinder: This is heaven or hell and you are choosing Hell.

samileul: i got it the reality

arikinder: Then tell me, where does the Bible say that God was a man on another planet?

arikinder: Where does it say that you can become a god?

arikinder: Where does it say that Satan and Jesus are bothers?

samileul: sorry brother bye

arikinder: Where does it say that there is a Goddess wife

arikinder: This is what your church teaches

arikinder: But it is not what the Bible teaches.

arikinder: Sam, It appears that I care more for your soul than you do.

arikinder: Because you are throwing it away

arikinder: http://www.akem.us/fdpt2.html

arikinder: Check out this article

arikinder: It will show you the beliefs of your church and how unbiblical they really are.