A Dream of Hell : Poem



Last night I traveled in my dreams unto a desolate place.

Though traveled I with others there, yet none could see my face.


We searched the place for something but what I did not know.

Direction and aim were all unknown ‘til He showed me where to go.


My feet transported, to the face of a majestic mountain I stood;

And stared upon it’s stony façade, just as He said I should.


A bright white light and rising fog through the lucent wall I’d seen.

Twas Heaven just beyond the stone, so far as I could glean.


My glimpse of Heaven twas short lived as the image quickly turned.

As Hell was now beyond the stone; through glowing flames I learned.


One-by-one and two-by-two fellow travelers enter there.

I fought back screams of warning, though, stone fast, I stood and stared.


A multitude had gathered there, behind its one-way gate.

Eternity of pain and fear twas their eternal fate.


I looked upon each face as they stood at Hell’s dark door.

Their pain, despair and agony, this man could not ignore.


Then suddenly familiar faces started to appear.

I hit my knees in anguish, my cries the Lord did hear.


Please Lord, I cried, show me no more; twas more than I could take.

From this nightmarish image, God please let me soon awake.


The Lord, He held me close and said, “Dear son, my pain is great.”

“For even though I died for them, tis I they choose to hate.”


“Now is your time, now is your place to tell of my great love.”

“For soon and very soon, my son I’ll return from above.”


“And in that hour, and in that place their choices shall be sealed.”

“My Father’s promise, my return, this soon shall be fulfilled.”



-- Aaron Christopher Henkel Kinder