Position Paper: Oneness Pentecostal a.k.a. “Jesus-Only” Movement


While I am unaware of the influence and size of this movement throughout the US Jesus-Only Churches represent about 1/3 of the churches of the small rural area of Virginia in which I live. This raises serious question of how Trinitarian churches and ministry should interact with such churches.


The Trinitarian view is the historic and orthodox position of the church since its formation. It is understood in the scriptures. Therefore Discipleship Call views oneness churches as holding to a heretical doctrine placing themselves outside communion with the larger church body. While we will not make a statement about the status of adherents salvation, which is a question only God can answer, we do believe this places their salvation and sanctification in question.


As a heretical doctrine we will reach out to oneness adherents in the hopes that they will accept the fullness of truth found through the scriptural doctrine of the trinity. We will not however be in association with any organization, ministry or church holding to the oneness position.


For futher information on the trinity please visit the Discipleship Call Apologetics website by clicking here.